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By answering the questions asked here, we want to give you a better understanding of our company and our product development. We certainly haven't (yet) thought of everything. Please send us your additional questions to .
Many thanks for your help!

What is LÆMON?

LÆMON is a Berlin startup around four founders with expertise in the fields of design and technology. We integrate innovative technology into high-quality pieces of jewellery, thereby creating more safety and smart lifestyle products. The company was founded in April 2021 as a GmbH.


What does LÆMON do?

Our first product is a piece of jewelery worn on the wrist with an integrated loud alarm (120 dB) and a connected app for non-violent self-protection in dangerous situations. The wristband is an effective personal security solution.

A loud alarm is recommended by police and self-defense experts as being particularly effective in deterring potential attackers. The element of surprise is used to escape the situation and/or to draw the attention of others and to organize help.


How exactly does the jewelry bracelet work?

The siren developed by LÆMON that generates the alarm is so small that it fits into the jewel. The loud alarm can be triggered on the wrist with just one finger. A silent alarm is also possible.

In both cases, an SMS with GPS data is sent to previously defined personal emergency contacts and/or to a control center, independently of the smartphone. The contacts are selected and informed in advance via our app.

AXA's WayGuard control center can follow location changes live and quickly organize help or call the police if things get really dangerous. WayGuard was developed by AXA Versicherung in cooperation with the Cologne police.


How exactly do I activate the alarm?

Loud alarm: With one finger you can pull on the chain on the lower part of the bracelet and thus loosen a contact in the bracelet. At the same time, the siren will sound and shortly afterwards an SMS with your GPS data will be sent to your emergency contacts.


Silent alarm: With one finger you can discreetly activate a small slide switch on the side of the bracelet. Then just an SMS with your GPS data goes to your emergency contacts, without anyone around you noticing.


How do I turn off the alarm?

Loud alarm: To turn off the siren, simply put the chain back into the bracelet. The silent alarm remains active.

Silent alarm: You can deactivate this via the app on your mobile phone. The function is displayed directly when opening the app. If you stop the alarm, an SMS will be sent to your emergency contacts again, saying that the situation has been resolved, but that they should check with you again to make sure you are okay.


Why can't I disable the silent alarm directly from the bracelet?

In this way we avoid that potential attackers can easily deactivate the alarm themselves and your emergency contacts believe that the situation has been resolved.


Does the jewelry bracelet also work without my smartphone?

Yes! The silent alarm is triggered directly via the IoT-enabled bracelet. This allows you to request help independently of your smartphone. So even if your battery is empty or you don't have your mobile phone at hand.


At what point does the WayGuard control center come into play?

The fact that an SMS goes out to your emergency contacts does not mean that it will be read immediately. Maybe your contacts are busy, sleeping or not looking at their cell phone right away for other reasons. The WayGuard control center, on the other hand, is manned around the clock and responds immediately to your alarm. But only if you have previously specified in our LÆMON app that the alarm should not only be sent to your private emergency contacts, but also to AXA's professional WayGuard control center. You can also determine that the alarm SMS is only sent to the WayGuard control center.


How does the WayGuard emergency call work?

When your emergency SMS arrives at WayGuard, the control center first tries to reach you by phone to clarify what help you need. If you're unavailable, the dispatcher will assume something serious has happened to you and alert the nearest emergency services using your GPS location to check on you.

After an alarm has been triggered, it takes another 10 seconds for the emergency SMS to be sent. During this time, you can still stop sending the SMS with the app on your smartphone. Neither the control center nor your private emergency contacts will then be informed.


Are there any additional costs if I trigger an alarm?

Use of all functionalities is included in the first year after purchasing a wristband. There will be a subscription model for continued use of all functionalities to cover the costs for IoT connectivity. The loud alarm function can continue to be used permanently without additional payment.


Who pays for the deployment costs if the emergency services have been alarmed by mistake?

From today's perspective, LÆMON and WayGuard have done everything to prevent false alarms. That's why it's also very important to phone the control center in advance and clarify the situation before the emergency services are alerted. If the police issue an invoice in individual cases, we reserve the right to pass on the costs to the users in the event of proven misuse. However, this has not happened once with around 400,000 users in Germany and Switzerland since 2016 (launch of the WayGuard app service by AXA).


Can someone track me via the jewelry bracelet?

No, the location data is only transmitted if you actively trigger the alarm. So it's always up to you when you share your location data with your emergency contacts.


How long is my location data stored after an alarm is triggered?

For police investigations, precise data on the course of an alarm is sometimes important. That is why we temporarily store the location data associated with an alarm. However, we only pass on this data if we have received your consent to do so. After 4 weeks they are automatically deleted from our database.


Does the jewelry bracelet have a battery or rechargeable battery that needs to be charged?

Our bangle has integrated rechargeable batteries that can be charged using the included charging station.


How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts about seven days.


When and where will the jewelry bracelet be available and at what price?

You can now sign up via the menu item "waiting list" and you will receive an email with the info when the sale will start again. The bracelet will be offered at 299,- Euro retail price.


When and where will the jewelry bracelet be delivered?

We plan to deliver the next production in the second quarter of 2023. We will deliver within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in the first step.


How can I best support you so that I can use the bracelet soon?

We are always looking for your stories, why and for whom you want our product. We learn the most from these stories and can continue to improve. So feel free to contact us via  - We are looking forward to meeting you!​

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