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Frau hält ihr Smartphone in der Hand und überquert die Straße



LÆMON offers a holistic personal safety solution that includes an innovative jewelry bracelet with silent and loud alarm functions, as well as an associated app with intuitive functions. 


Who is the LÆMON app for?

For anyone who wants to feel safer in public spaces, be it on the way home, on public transport, or when going out in the evening.

What can the LÆMON app do?  

We designed the app to increase your sense of security both on its own and in combination with the bracelet. The main features at a glance:

  • Silent alarm: This can be triggered via the bracelet, as well as directly via the app.

  • Emergency contacts: In the app, you can store the phone numbers of friends and family, who will receive a notification via SMS on their cell phone when the alarm is triggered.

  • Management function: You can change the emergency contacts at any time and adapt them depending on what you are planning or where you are. You alone decide which emergency contacts should be informed at what time.

How to trigger the alarm in the LÆMON app? 

We conducted many app tests with a broad group of people so that we could create a solution that is intuitive to use regardless of age, profession, and digital usage behavior. Thanks to the numerous feedbacks, the following triggering process has emerged:


With a simple swipe motion, you can slide the button from left to right. Due to the long, deliberate swipe motion, a false alarm is almost impossible. If a false alarm does occur, you can cancel the alarm within the next 10 seconds with just one click. Neither the WayGuard control center nor your private emergency contacts will be informed.


Send SMS with your location 

One advantage of the LÆMON app is that you don't have to ask your desired emergency contacts to install the app as well. Since people now have very different usage patterns when it comes to communication apps (such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat, etc.) we have opted for the safest option, which allows you to reach any person at any time: The good old SMS. The GPS data from your location will be sent as a link in an SMS message when the alarm is triggered.


Save emergency contacts

Once you have installed the app, you will be guided intuitively through the app. The alarm function remains greyed out and inoperable as long as no emergency contacts have been saved in the app. To do this, you need to click on the "Guardian" tab.

There you can save your emergency contacts. The emergency contacts will receive a one-time SMS informing them that they will be saved as an emergency contact if they agree. After an emergency contact has accepted the invitation, the alarm function is also activated in the app.

App zur Selbstverteidigung

Cooperation with WayGuard by AXA

To offer you the greatest possible protection, we decided early on to enter into a cooperation with WayGuard by AXA. AXA offers a companion app called WayGuard, which has been established for years and allows users to be accompanied by trained employees by phone on their way home. The WayGuard control center is available around the clock, seven days a week.

In the course of our cooperation, we have created an interface to this control center. When the silent alarm is triggered, the WayGuard control center is informed about your location and can track location changes live. The control center will then try to reach you by phone. If this fails five times, emergency personnel will be sent to your location to see if everything is okay. This allows us to offer you additional security in case your own emergency contacts are unavailable at that moment.

You can specify in advance in the LÆMON app whether you want to use this service or only alert your private emergency contacts. In the same way, you can also specify that the alarm SMS will only go to the WayGuard control center.


Full control at all times

You have control over which emergency contacts should be informed at what time. For more flexibility and self-determination, we've included a feature in the app that allows you to turn emergency contacts on and off, depending on your own daily schedule and location. Maybe you want to go out on the weekend in the neighboring town where friends live, you activate them in the app for that evening and leave them deactivated for the rest of the time. The emergency contacts who have already been activated once will not receive any notifications about the deactivation and reactivation. The same applies to the WayGuard control center. You can always set in the settings that you do not currently want to alert the control center when you trigger the alarm via the app or the bracelet. You stay in control. 

Privacy protection 

It is of particular concern to us to protect your privacy. For this reason, we have explicitly programmed the location transmission so that it only starts when the alarm is triggered and stops a maximum of three hours after activation if you have not manually stopped the data transmission in the meantime. The data is transmitted exclusively on European servers to ensure the highest possible data security.

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