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Why does the bracelet have a loud alarm?     

We developed the loud alarm for our bracelet so you can draw attention to yourself in an emergency. Whether it's assault or harassment in public or even private spaces, medical emergencies, or other situations where a quick grab on the wrist can make all the difference.

How do I trigger the loud alarm? 

During development, our focus was on fast, simple, and particularly intuitive alarm triggering. So that anyone and everyone, even in an absolute stress situation, is still able to remember how it works and use it correctly accordingly. We have integrated the result into the jewelry design so that the triggering mechanism is not directly recognizable to outsiders. 

With one finger you can pull the chain at the bottom of the bracelet and release a contact in the bracelet. At the same moment, the siren sounds, and shortly afterward an SMS with your GPS data goes to your emergency contacts that you have previously saved in the LÆMON app.

To turn off the siren and deactivate the loud alarm, simply put the chain back into the bracelet. The silent alarm remains active.

In the following video, we show how the alarm is triggered on one of the prototypes and what the sound is like. Attention - due to the volume, it is best not to play the sound directly on the ear via headphones. By the way: Our alarm reaches 120 decibels and is thus in the range of the auditory pain threshold and is, for this reason, a very effective mean of non-violent self-defense.

Bracelet for more safety on your way home 

Professionals recommend getting loud   

The ability to intuitively trigger a loud alarm in seconds, close to the body, on the wrist, is particularly helpful in surprising, unpredictable situations where there is no time to first get the pepper spray or cell phone out of the pocket. During our product development, we spoke with self-defense trainers and police officers: They confirmed that just knowing you can act quickly in an emergency makes you more confident. However, if the situation becomes threatening, you should raise your voice to defend yourself in a non-violent manner. This can scare off attackers and defuse the situation.


Better than pepper spray & Co.   

Besides being quick and intuitive, the loud alarm on your bracelet is safe for you. Many people carry a pepper spray or scare gun in their pocket to feel safer. However, police are concerned that a situation could escalate once a weapon is drawn. You also need to practice using the spray so you can use it safely. Especially if there is some headwind blowing on the day, it can easily happen that you get the spray on yourself, and you deprive yourself of vision at a critical moment. The substances contained in the spray also attack the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye and can lead to inflammation. Our bracelet, on the other hand, relies on the acoustic moment of shock, which surprises attackers and draws the attention of the wider environment to you.

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