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In short, what is IoT? 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the name given to the network of physical objects ("Things") that are connected with sensors, software, and other technology to connect them to other devices and systems via the Internet so that data can be exchanged between the objects.

How does the silent alarm work?     

We developed the silent alarm to let you know discreetly that you need help. You can trigger it via the bracelet as well as via our LÆMON app. Through the app, you can select friends and family as emergency contacts in advance and inform them of your location in an emergency. This is how you trigger the silent alarm:


Alarm triggering on the bracelet

There is a push-button on the bracelet that you have to hold down for three seconds or longer. Then an SMS with your GPS data goes to your emergency contacts stored in the LÆMON app without anyone around you noticing. In this way, you can discreetly request help independently of your smartphone. So even if your cell phone battery is empty or you don't have your cell phone at hand.


Deliberately holding the button down for three seconds minimizes the risk of a false alarm and was rated by our testers as the most intuitive alarm triggering.

Alarm triggering in the app 

Our LÆMON app is used to manage your emergency contacts and as a complementary solution to trigger an alarm. To send the location, you need to slide a slider button on the home screen from left to right. The whole thing works with a simple, deliberate swipe motion.      

The technology behind it 

The LÆMON bracelet is the innovative result of long product development by experts led by Daria Stepanova, our co-founder, who is an aerospace engineer with many years of experience in designing complex hardware. The functionality is based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology, thus making the bracelet independent from the smartphone.

Specifically, this means that the bracelet works independently of the smartphone since it has specially adapted antennas, as well as an e-Sim card – similar to a smartphone. That's why the bracelet also has a battery that needs to be charged regularly. The battery lasts for about seven days. The battery status of the bracelet is displayed in our app, so you can always track when you should recharge it. The charging station is included with the purchase.

Privacy protection 

It is of particular concern to us to protect your privacy. For this reason, we have explicitly programmed the location transmission so that it only starts when the alarm is triggered and stops a maximum of three hours after activation if the data transmission has not been manually stopped in the meantime. The data is transmitted exclusively on European servers to ensure the highest possible data security.

How do I stop the data transfer? 

You can deactivate the silent alarm via the LÆMON app on your cell phone. The function is displayed directly when you open the app. When you stop the alarm, another text message is sent to your emergency contacts, telling them that the situation has been resolved, but that they should check with you again to make sure you are okay.

Cooperation with WayGuard by AXA

In order to offer you the greatest possible protection, we decided early on to enter into a cooperation with WayGuard by AXA. AXA offers a companion app called WayGuard, which has been established for years and allows users to be accompanied by trained employees by phone on their way home. The WayGuard control center is available around the clock, seven days a week.

In the course of our cooperation, we have created an interface to this control center. When the silent alarm is triggered, the WayGuard control center is informed about your location and can track location changes live. The control center will then try to reach you by phone. If this fails five times, emergency personnel will be sent to your location to see if everything is okay. This allows us to offer you additional security in case your own emergency contacts are unavailable at that moment.

You can specify in advance in the LÆMON app whether you want to use this service or only alert your private emergency contacts. In the same way, you can also specify that the alarm SMS will only go to the WayGuard control center.

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